Danger of a Parasitic Organism to Immune System

Immunity is the power of the human system to fight against the germs that cause different diseases. When your immune system goes weak, it becomes really easy for germs do the damage.

Today the most dangerous enemy of human health is those microscopic germs, which cannot be seen by the naked eyes. These microscopic germs are bacteria, viruses, and parasites, which are transmitted into human bodies through various means and cause different diseases.  These microscopic organisms may also live in the human body several years without showing any single symptom. Yet these microscopic organisms kill millions of people every year around the world. Research shows that  almost 80 % of the people in the entire world have parasites and this ratio goes to more than 90 % in underdeveloped countries like Pakistan, India, Nepal, Srilanka, Bhutan, Bangladesh and most of the African countries where people hardly meet their basic needs.

These microscopic organisms cause a wide variety of internal & external diseases in the human body like diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, digestive & chronic diseases, skin aches, allergies, sleeping problems, etc and a lot more other fatal diseases.

Let’s talk about the human immune system and how these microscopic organisms, especially parasites impact it. The human immune system is much like an Antivirus, which is used in your PC for scanning viruses. If your immune system is working properly, then the chances of getting victimized by these parasites goes down with every passing day. If, not so, then parasites may easily cause various diseases.

The question that you might be thinking about is, how does the immune system become weak?  It is known in general, that the immune system of young guy is stronger than the immune system of an aged person and a child. Secondly, some parasites have a capability to enter into the immune system and make it weak. So, once your immune system begins to weaken, then its ability to fight against these germs becomes reduced and it leads to risk of many fatal diseases.  Also, many other germs starts attacking and take the benefits of weaker immune system and establish themselves in different organs.

At this stage probably different types of medicines and antibiotics are given to the patient to stronger the immune system and to kill the parasites. But, here the thing you need to remember is that some parasites have a capability to resist against these antibiotics. These antibiotics may just only remove the symptoms of diseases, but not the causes that are actually microscopic germs.  So, how you what may get rid of them completely?

Best Alternative to kill all the Microbes

Best Alternative to kill all the Microbes

Recently a new device has been developed that have a capability to kill these microscopic germs like bacteria, viruses, and parasites in just a few minutes by using mild, safe electrical pulses in water based environments. The name of such amazing device is Hulda Clark Zapper by ParaZapper. Many happy users consider ParaZapper the best alternative way to get rid of many of these harmful microbes.

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